another christmas over


on December 27, 2002

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. If it was as good as ours then the world will be a better place smile

We woke early on Christmas morning (Vic’s sleeping badly at the moment) and got up to call the people in NZ that we couldn’t get hold of on our xmas eve (their xmas morning) Then we opened our pressies wink Even Fidget got into the mood by buying me a DVD of Billy Connelly in concert. The amazing thing is that the handwriting was scarily similar to Vic’s – is handwriting hereditary? lol!  We then had a nice cooked breakfast and chilled out for a couple of hours, me by playing my two new x-box games ( Fifa 2003 and Project Gotham Racing – thanks Vic!)

Then it was off to One Aldwych, a lovely 5 star hotel on Central London to meet up with the rest of the super six and Karin, Claire’s sister for an early check-in and xmas dinner. We had a few hours to kill until dinner so Vic went for a swim in the underground swimming pool. She wanted to see how she would float with such a big bump (the answer was surprisingly well smile) The hotel is absolutely gorgeous, the pre-dinner cocktails yummy and dinner was superb. We finished off with a few drinks in David and Claire’s room and then it was off to bed at about midnight. Another early wake up call from Vic’s bladder found us snuggled up under the linen sheets and down duvet at 07:30 this morning very relaxed and thinking what a great xmas it had been.

Another lovely meal (breakfast this time – organic smoked salmon and scrambled eggs) and a checkout later and here we are back at home watching, bizarrely, Muppet Treasure Island and waiting the few hours until I go to see LOTR – Two Towers. Vic’s not coming as she doesn’t think she can handle sitting there for three hours in a stretch 🙁 The poor wee thing is getting pretty uncomfortable as Fidget gets closer and closer but she is taking heart from the fact that it really isn’t far away at all.

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  1. Gina says:

    Hi Marc!!! Have a great day! 😀