another week


on October 25, 2003

Here’s my own version of a Friday five smile

? This shows how much my life has changed:  This morning I was off into town to look for a suit bag for my trip to Sydney on Monday and was looking for my watch (well, one of them wink) but couldn’t find it for the life of me.  I looked everywhere (I thought) for about 15 minutes and in the end gave up and put my lovely Longines dress watch on.  As I was leaving the house I brushed past the breakfast bar and knocked something onto the ground and lo and behold there was my watch!  The funny thing (at least to me) was that my Tag Heuer Chronograph had been hiding under an (unused) disposable nappy(diaper) Oh the irony!

? Max has now got to the stage where you can chase him and he knows what’s going on.  If he’s in the mood and you crawl after him he speeds away and laughs/screams hysterically!  Very cool and great fun for me smile

? A difference between the UK and NZ.  Today I parked in a car parking building in the center of Wellington and, after seeing my brother in the building and having a chat to him, left the car parked for almost 4 hours with the passenger window wound down.  I came back to discover that the inside of the car seemed untouched.  Good old NZ smile

? Our new fridge turned up yesterday smile It is so much bigger and much nicer than our borrowed fridge.  We moved all the food over and the damned thing was only about a third full!

? I still can’t believe that I have to check in at 04:00 on a public holiday for my flight to Sydney on Monday…………


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