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on December 8, 2003

Long time no speak smile

It’s not that nothing’s happening because stuff is, it’s just that it’s not big – you know?  That and I’m having the crisis of blogging faith that people seem to have every now and again.

? Max is really growing up! He is so close to walking it’s not funny.  We went to a 3rd birthday party this weekend and our friends had bought a little trundler in the hope that their 18 month old daughter would use it to start standing.  Max grabbed it and was pushing it up and down the garden like crazy! Abbey then crawled into it and Max started pushing it with her in it smile The amazing thing is that then James, a five year old, hopped in and Max managed to push him across the grass for about 5 steps before giving in!  I have 139 pictures from the day and promise to post a couple in the next few days so keep an eye out.

He’s also started to make em type sounds and say mama a lot.  He’s been saying dada for a while but we’re not sure if he relates the sounds to us or is just practising wink

He’s also started dancing to music! lol! For those that know David Gray he looks just like him with the whole wiggly head thing going on! Hee hee – he looks so funny.

Vic took him to his first movie the other day too. The first Wednesday of every month a theatre in town runs a ‘Mums and Bubs’ session specifically for mothers and their babies. They do things like not dimming the lights all the way down do that you can see to change/feed etc.  Damn good idea I reckon!  They went to see Love Actually which she said wasn’t as good as the other Richard Curtis movies.

? Vic has her first night away from Max next week!  Dell is flying us up to Auckland for our Christmas party and Vic’s sister and mother have said they’ll babysit smile We’ll see how it goes…… The day after we get back I’m off to Sydney for a week for some SAN training – phew.

See you soon smile

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One Response to “helooooooooo :)”

  1. Gina says:

    I can’t wait to see the pics!  Hard to believe that he’s going to be walking…. I mean running soon smile