big ups!


on April 22, 2005

For this one day I like both my landline and cellular providers!

My landline provider rang up today and said “you’ve been a great customer over the last ten years or so and we’d like to give you a free 12 month magazine subscription” WTF?!  Very cool even though all the magazines were crap.  Luckily Vic subscribes to one of the crap magazines smile and it runs out next month!  Timing couldn’t have been better Mr Telecom…..

Number two is the fact that my cellular provider must have done some work around here because my signal has gone from absolute crap (one signal bar out of five or a dropped signal) to really good (four or five out of five) This is good news when you work from home and the only number you give people is your mobile! Thanks Mr Vodafone……


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