man oh man

Elliot, Max

on August 9, 2005

Where the hell does the time go! What’s happened in the last week or so?

• Elliot has moved out of his moses basket and into his cot.  He looks so little in the massive cot *sniff* I can’t believe he’s over 3 months old now and is smiling and gurgling away……

• Max has periods of being a right little shit!  He is a two year old and damn, he’s annoying sometimes!  Most of the time though he is a little angel and has taken to getting all the soft toys off his shelves and jumping all over them on his bed smile

• Other than that not a lot has happened in the last six days – sad huh?



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3 Responses to “man oh man”

  1. Bekah says:

    Does his shirt say “Trouble”? How funny!

  2. Gina says:

    Aww they are so sweet and I LOVE Max’s shirt! heehee!!

  3. Angie says:

    I think his shirt says it all!