on September 25, 2005

A big day in Max’s life today – we decided to do away with nappies (diapers) during the day for him!  Here he is looking so proud of the first time in underpants wink


Vic and I have heard of various approaches to this matter and decided that a full-on, whole hog, deal with the accidents approach suited us best.  He’s gone to the toilet in the potty a few times now and is able to tell us when he’s going in his nappy so we thought what the hell. We’ve only started today and things so far are going OK.  We put him into underpants when we got home from going out today so it’s only been a couple of hours but he’s done really well and I’m very proud of him.  We cleared the rugs out of the family room and will try to keep him on the easy to clean laminate flooring for a couple of days but already twice he’s asked to use the potty and has peed both times – yay!

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One Response to “underpants!”

  1. Gina says:

    Heehee! Cute!