back to normal


on October 30, 2005

At last I’m back!

The time has just flown but it’s been life/work as usual except for the following:

• Elliot’s second tooth came through while I was in Sydney

• The main reason for no update last weekend was that I spent a huge chunk of it putting up my new garden shed.  Timber framed and sheet steel clad it’s a good reason to get rid of tons of crap out of the garage.

• Max seems to have taken some steps back in his toilet training and is having quite a few accidents.  I may have been an attention getting thing while I was away and he seems to have got better since yesterday but we shall wait and see…..

• At 94 my Great Aunt Bet passed away – again while I was in Sydney.  Not a bad innings and she had been mentally frail for some time.  She’s the last of that generation in my family so an era really has passed

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