on January 26, 2006

Just a quick update on how Max’s little excursion to Granny’s went the other day.  In a word, brilliantly!  We went around about mid afternoon and had a barbeque for dinner.  We’d taken Max and his stuff up to the spare room soon after we got there and Max seemed perfectly at ease with staying in “his room” for the night.  He went to bed without any trouble and my Mum said that the only problem she had is that he woke up at midnight, she found him standing by the bed but he got straight back in and went back to sleep.  Nice!

That was Saturday night and on Monday (long weekend here) my Mum rang up and asked if she could take Max for a ride on the ferry as she had planned it for Sunday but the weather wasn’t conducive.  Sure, we said, and Max was off on his first boat trip smile The ferry runs between Petone and the city and crosses the harbour on it’s 20-30 minute sailing.  The next bit is so New Zealand smile The ferry had got most of the way across the harbour when the captain came over the PA and asked if anyone was in a hurry – strange!  He then said that if they went a bit out of their way that there was a pod of dolphins in the harbour that would probably be attracted to the boat and follow them for a while.  So a bit of a detour later and the ferry was surrounded by dolphins!  Whilst Max wasn’t really all that interested (although all fish are now dolphins in the books we read) it was a real buzz for my Mum.

All in all it’s looking good for Vic’s trip to Sydney where we will meet up after my next business trip there.  It all happens the weekend after next and we’ll be away from both the kids for three nights – nice wink

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2 Responses to “thursday”

  1. Jill says:

    The ferry ride sounds like so much fun.  I would be so giddy seeing all the dolphins.

  2. Gina says:

    That’s great that he did so well!  He’s growing up too fast!

    Neato on the ferry ride too!