off again


on July 26, 2006

Well it’s eleven days later and only in the last two days have I felt that I was truly on the mend.  My “boys” are now no longer looking like black doris plums and I no longer flinch whenever Max or Elliot come anywhere near at speed smile

It’s also that time of year again when we (Dell that is) hold our tech summit.  The last two years have been in Shanghai but this year I get to visit an Asian city that I haven’t visited, Kuala Lumpur.  In fact the only time I’ve visited Malaysia was a day trip out of Singapore quite a few years back.  In addition to the 4 days of tech summit I’m also staying on for four days of additional training which means I’ll be away for 10 days all up.  I’ll mis Vic and the boys but I have an idea that she may miss me more……… I’m back for 5 days then off to Sydney for four!

In adult news Vic and I went out doing grown up things Friday, Saturday and Monday nights!  The boys were put to bed by four different sets of people in four days the poor wee mites.  I’m sure there won’t be any long term effects though smile

So Friday night Vic and I went out to the house of our friends Jonny and Emma for dinner.  Six of us, pre-dinner drinks, copious quantities of wine and getting to bed at two had us feeling a bit rough in the morning.  This was a warm up for Saturday night which saw us at the All Blacks vs South Africa tri-nations rugby test as guests of Dell (yay – free!) We had another night of drinking and even made it onto TV in a closeup crowd shot!

Sunday evening we put the boys to bed ourselves and then Monday we went out for a date smile As I am going to be away for a while I thought it would be nice for Vic and I to spend an evening alone so I organised in secret for my Mum to look after the boys and it was dinner and the movies (Pirates of the Caribbean 2 – very mediocre) A lovely evening and one thing that Vic and I should do more often methinks.

So that’s about it for now – I’ll try to post from KL, bye!


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