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on March 3, 2007

300-115 Marc has gone to the States for two weeks for his new job induction and training. He used to travel a bit with his last job, so now I’m used to dealing with the boys by myself. It just means I have to be a bit more organised – sorting out bags, snacks or lunch boxes the night before for whatever we have planned the next day, and while Elliot sleeps in the afternoon and Max is at kindy I get dinner organised (instead of doing housework or surfing the net:)). We’ve even got our bedtime routine sorted out so Max tidies away the toys while I bath or shower Elliot. All in all for the most part it’s not too bad and I no longer dread the thought of Marc going away. In fact it means I have one less person to tidy up after (sorry honey!) although I do have all the dishes to do myself!

This morning started off bright and early – I picked up mum at 7.00am and we headed over the hill to Martinborough (about an hour away) to the Martinborough Fair which is held the first Saturday in February and March every year. Got there nice and early so didn’t have to pay for parking this year, and it also meant it wasn’t too hot. Managed to get a good selection of native plants (so hopefully fairly low maintenance) for planting on our bank, a couple of t-shirts for the boys, a lovely cd rack made of macrocarpa, and of course a bag of coconut ice for all my boys.

300-101 We headed back around lunchtime, so I got home in time to take Marc to the airport for his flight to Auckland and then onto San Fransisco. The boys love the airport and are so excited to see the planes taking off and landing, the little trucks with the bags on, the fire engines and this time they got to see the rescue helicopter flying off as well.

Now we’ll just see how the next two weeks go …..

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