max’s first day at school


on February 7, 2008

Max’s first day at school today!

It all went surprisingly well too with Max showing no signs of trepidation this morning and showing nothing but positive signs this afternoon.

We turned up a little bit early so that he could just sit and watch what was going on in the playground – he had voiced some concerns over “what the big kids might do” when we put him to bed last night. A couple of his mates from kindy are in the same class so within about five minutes they were all tearing around the playground without a care in the world. We had dropped his books off in his classroom earlier and as soon as the bell went he went flying past us, into his classroom and sat of the floor facing the teacher without a word to us! The only reason that we got a goodbye is because I stood in the doorway and yelled out to him! 🙂

After school (which finishes at 2pm for the new entrants in their first week) he was a typical kid (already)

What did you do today at school


What kind of stuff

I don’t remember…

Typical! 🙂

All in all it went really well and here’s hoping it lasts.

max on his first day at school

Max and his mate Freddy outside school

max on his first day at school

Max hanging up his bag

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One Response to “max’s first day at school”

  1. Gina says:

    Hahahahah … what did you do .. stuff. So typical of kids. I love it! 😀

    He’s so cute and looks super excited.


    I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay jealous of the sun shining brightly there! It looks so nice out! Send it my way.. pleeeeease. 🙂

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