great weekend !! :)

man, i’ve had a great weekend !

saturday vic and i caught the ferry over the canary wharf and were going to have a look around the shops then catch the dlr to greenwich.  we got 50 yards from the ferry terminal, met up with richie and stopped off for a “coffee” at a bar called jamies on the river.  the front windows completely folded back so we sat in the sun on leather couches and had a couple of bottles of wine smile a quick phonecall later and david and claire had nipped over on the ferry and joined us!  4 hours, 6 bottles of wine, espressos and lunch later we decided to have a break, head home and meet up later.

later was at our place with “american pie 2” on the dvd and our new w i d e s c r e e n tv, pizza and more wine/beer :vbg:  a great time was had until about 23:30 when most of us decided that 11 hours of almost non-stop drinking and eating was enough.

sunday started off with the sun streaming through the window and another fine day on the books.  a lazy morning later we found ourselves in the car for a quick hour long drive to chelmsford in essex for a lunch date with our friends dawn and eddie.

chips and dip in the garden of their new 4 bedroom house under a lovely spring sun was the next order of business and as most of us relaxed dawn was busy preparing roast beef and yorkshire pudding yummmmm……………………

after lunch it was back for few hours in the garden chilling and chatting.  then as the sun started to set and the temperature dropped it was back in the car for the drive home

and so here we are 20:00 on sunday night with a weekend spent doing the things i love.

good weather, good food, good drink and great company.  now that’s what life’s about baby! 😎

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  1. Well, that just makes my weekend look like a turd.  All I did was fix and do stuff around the house.  Turd.

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