max alexander cramer


on January 14, 2003


Well here he is and he now has a middle name smile

I’ve just got back from the hospital (and changing Max’s first nappy/diaper smile) and have left mother and son to get some well earned rest.

Here’s a brief run down of my last two days……..

Vic woke at about 02:30 on Sunday morning and was concerned about some unexpected bleeding taking place.  After a quick call to the hospital it was into the car and 20 minutes down the road to St Thomas hospital. Vic was checked over by the medical staff and given the all clear. They did however want her to stay in overnight and they were going to do a scan this morning to check things out.

The scan never happened though because at 02:50 this morning I got a call saying “your wife is 9.5cm dilated and wants to push so you’d better get down here!” The trip this time took 9 minutes (speed limits and red lights? pah!) and at the time I was really annoyed that they had let it get that far without calling me, grrr. Little did I know that she had only had her first decent contraction at 01:30 and by the time they examined her she was already 9cm!

So an hour or so of pushing while I was there, a bit of help from some scissors and a ventouse and out he popped (I make it sound so easy!) smile Vic was planning on having an epidural at some stage but because of the speed that events happening and the fact she didn’t feel too bad the only pain relief she had was gas and air (oxygen/nitrous oxide) and she didn’t even use that for the last 30mins! I’m so very proud of her for the way she handled the whole thing and I don’t think that an expectant father could ask for better.

Anyway, we are now the very proud parents of a lovely little boy who will hopefully be coming home to be with us tomorrow.

PS: here’s the view from Vic’s room…..


Yep – a private room overlooking the Houses of Parliament, not bad for the NHS!

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5 Responses to “max alexander cramer”

  1. Gina says:

    Oh Marc, he is just beautiful. What a sweet sweet angel boy.  Your picture is simply perfect.

  2. meegan says:

    what a precious child.  wow.  good work marc, hehee.

    congrats to both you and vic! 

  3. Bekah says:

    Congratulations, Marc and Vic! I’m so happy for you two. Max is absolutely beautiful. You now reserve the right to be a pain-in-the-ass, I’ll-never-be-like-my-father, overprotective, loving, caring, picture-taking daddy for the rest of your life. Enjoy it!

  4. Lotte says:

    What a handsome baby.  Everyone at work thinks he cute !!  Well done to both of you and congratulations

  5. lor says:

    oh he is just too adorable! and what a head of hair already:) oh, he really is just too cute for words. my biological clock is ticking like crazy now! hehe.

    it sounds like it all went well – although a tad rushed. i am more than impressed with the way in which vic handled everything. god knows i would be demanding drugs left, right and centre!

    and what a view! gorgeous:) all the best to all 3 of you!:)