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on May 20, 2003

After a bit of mucking about yesterday I got my TV to act as an extension to my PC desktop.  What this means is that my mouse goes sliding off the edge of my screen and appears on my TV – weird!  What this also means is that I can watch ripped DVD’s from my PC on my 32” wide-screen TV smile

Given that, last night Vic and I watched The Royal Tenenbaums. This is a gentle, bizarre, warped movie that seems to lose it’s impetus about an hour in.  It’s full of fantastically quirky characters all linked by a severely dysfunctional family that get together after years of being apart (under very bad circumstances) One problem is that for the last half hour I kept thinking that it was ending – only for the story to carry on. Of course when it did end it was a definite end (I won’t tell you) and I felt a bit silly for thinking what I did wink Is it worth seeing? definitely. Is it worth buying? I don’t think so and so seeing it the way we did worked out quite well.  The funny thing is that I bought this on DVD for my friend Richard only a few months ago so hopefully he enjoyed it!


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