on July 28, 2003

A first for us this weekend – this morning we were up and showered before Max even woke up!  We went out last night (leaving Max with Vic’s Mum) for Ali’s 30th birthday party which was great fun. It was, of course, even better due to the fact that the AB’s beat Oz by a record score of 52-21!!!!  We got home and got Max up to give him a decent feed and eventually got to bed about 02:00 wink We were up at 08:00 and were ready to go before Max stirred! It really was a strange way to start the day I can tell you!

I also had a wee photo shoot with Max yesterday and have posted 5 new images to the image database. Here’s one of them:


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One Response to “weekend”

  1. Gina says:

    Oh so cute!!!