the day after monday


on July 30, 2003

Today started off in a bizarre way.  I got up and checked our emails to find an email congratulating me on another POTD win at The unusual thing was that POTD’s are announced at about 20:00 NZ time and I had seen the site last night and my photo wasn’t there.  The email went on to say Your photo, “swirling,” is today’s winner in the Landscape/Nature category.  The previous winner in the category had to be disqualified because it was not appropriate for the category. Your photo was in the runner-up position from yesterday and, therefore, moved into first place today. Very strange but I won’t turn it down!………

This afternoon Vic went up the road to meet up with a ex-neighbour that has a son about 2 weeks younger than Max. Given this I thought I’d nip out to take some photo’s around the coast on the other side of Wellington Harbour. This little expedition really showed me how unfit I am.  I was probably a bit silly by taking so much gear for a walk that ended up being three and a half hours! Here’s the kit I took in my back pack:

? EOS D30 body with additional battery grip

? EOS 33 body with additional battery grip (not used)

? Sigma 17-35mm lens

? 28-135mm IS lens

? 70-200 F4 L lens

? 1.4x TC

? 100mm macro lens (not used)

? Manfrotto tripod (not used)

? Manfrotto head (not used)

? Film (not used)

All up 20lbs worth of kit and I was knackered when I got back to the car smile It wasn’t really even worth it as the coast is, quite frankly, bloody boring!  Here are the only two shots that are worth photoshopping.




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