on September 14, 2003

I know, I know, another Max related entry……… smile

I’m at home with the wee mite at the mo while Vic’s out shopping with a friend.  He’s fast asleep after taking a whole bottle of formula! Yep 230ml/9oz all in one go and without spilling/spitting out a drop!

We’ve been using a different teat for a couple of weeks now and can usually get his afternoon feed down him with a bit of a struggle and over an hour or so . This time though it was all relaxed concentration on his part and away we went.  Much yayness!

Might not mean much to anyone else but it hopefully it will make Vic feel that she can get out and spend a bit more time on herself without worrying that Max’ll go hungry/thirsty.

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One Response to “another”

  1. deb says:

    hooray! you two have done so well getting him to take a bottle. i know that feeling of freedom when you can finally go out without the baby.

    btw, have you started the Connect8 project yet?