3 years


Today Vic and I have been married for 3 years! Our lives have changed somewhat over these last few years and as far as I’m concerned it’s all good smile The 3rd wedding anniversary gift is either leather (traditional) or crystal (modern) so I bought Vic a bunch of Swarovski crystal roses. She always complains that I never buy her flowers so it was a win-win gift wink To celebrate we are are off out on a date tonight smile while my Mum looks after Max.

While I was trying to figure out a gift I was thinking back over our time together and I remembered when I proposed to Vic……..

It was the 2nd July 1999 and the day of the Lord Mayors parade in London.  The night was still and warm so we had caught the bus down to Tower Bridge to watch the fireworks.  We were standing on the bank of the Thames with Tower Bridge lit up and the fireworks started going off. Vic was standing in front of me and I had my arms around her as we gazed up at the multi-coloured extravaganza going on above us and I leaned forward, kissed her earlobe and whispered “will you marry me” in her right ear. She turned around, said yes and then we kissed.  The rest of the evening was spent in a warm fuzzy haze as we made our way back home.

It seems both a long time ago and just like yesterday.  Here’s to many more years together.

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3 Replies to “3 years”

  1. You could have at least bought her a pair of leather jeans…..and posted another picture of her!! She’s much cuter than you!! And I know what you look like with your clothes off..(and for readers who don’t know, me and Marc were gym buddies for a while).

  2. Marc

    yo dude – it’s me again.I am in Florida on the latest IBM BP conference and guess what………yes Hugo no longer lives in NY – now Florida with Megan and they are married.Congrats on the 3 yr anniversary mate – the 6th Jan is my birthday aswell.(33 – bummer!)Hugo and Meg say hi and have seen the pics of Max – they have your website details so can keep in contact.hope to speak to you soon.

    Jamester !

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