waitangi day

yay – public holiday! smile

Things have been fairly uninteresting here lately hence the lack of posting 🙁 Work has been crazy during this short week and I’ve barely paused for breath other than to try and decide what Vic and I are going to offer on a house that we want to buy.  It’s a design-build package that they are about to build and we can’t quite afford to pay the full asking price and still have some of the extras that we want (double glazing, underfloor heating in the bathrooms smile The agent is coming around on Sunday morning and we’ll make a formal offer then and wait…….. very exciting and more than a bit scary!

In other news Max has been a right sh*t over the last few days.  Really grumbly and unsettled and throwing tantrums left right and center – of course it might have something to do with the two or three teeth we think are coming through at the same time 🙁 Thank God for Pamol and Bonjela!

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