on February 18, 2004

Poor Max is ill for the first time 🙁 He’s caught the cold that Abbey had when she visited in the weekend and is pouring snot out his nose like a tap!  It’s about time he got sick – hopefully it’ll build his immunity up a bit.  He also threw up last night and I can’t believe that we caught it in a bowl!  His coughing caused it so we had a bowl ready just in case.  We also thought he’d thrown up in bed but then realised that he’d just been sleeping on his front and had smeared snot all around with his face. The funny thing is he woke up from his morning nap and had white, dried snot all over his eyebrows and looked like a little old man! lol!  He’s also got another molar coming through (his third) which is swelling his cheeks up like a chipmunk smile

And on top of all this we tried giving him a haircut last night and, although he looks cute, I’m not too sure about the fringe…… smile The 17mm lens I was using didn’t help either!


Click the link for another pic wink


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2 Responses to “ill”

  1. Gina says:

    Awww he’s adorable!! 

    And I am so glad that I wasn’t eating breakfast when I read your entry. Matter of fact.. I may just pass it by for this morning. LOL!

    I hope he’s feeling better soon smile

  2. Jay says:

    lovely stuff !