We had such a scare with Max yesterday!

He has roman blinds in his room and we had moved his cot away from the side that has the pull string so that he wouldn’t play with it while he was in his cot.  Sensible we thought……

Yesterday we put him down for his nap and went about our business.  I was downstairs and Vic was just about to hop in the shower when she heard a funny noise from his room.  She went in and found him with a string wrapped around his neck and his eyes bulging!!!

Somehow he had got the string that was built into the blind wrapped around his neck and then he’d pulled away and tightened it around his neck.  He’d pulled it so tight that he still has a raised red mark around his neck more than 24 hours later.

Very scary and whenever I look at his neck it sends shudders down my spine thinking about how close we came to possibly losing him……..

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2 Replies to “scare!”

  1. hey marc, that is so scary… i’m pleased to hear that he is okay. i often wonder about the blinds in joshua’s room, which he loves to play with! eek, maybe we might have to look at those.

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