At last the weather’s calmed down a bit!  According to the news this morning we had 20+ hours of continuous 75kph (47mph) gusting to 180kph (112mph) winds which is the worst we’ve had for about 40 years.  People are in the process of cleaning up from floods, wind damage and landslides now………  Luckily we were OK but my mother had water coming in through the doors and windows on the south side of her house due to the wind and spent yesterday continually mopping up water 🙁

In other news I’ve just bought another domain,, for two years.  I have no idea what I’ll do with it, I just liked the name.  Now all I have to do is tell Vic!

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One Reply to “phew”

  1. Wow,sounds wicked….good old welly weather for ya! Cornwall had major storm too,houses washed away…..I guess you’re new house must be a good one : )

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