on September 13, 2004

Sunday evening – Max is in bed grumbling and Vic’s in bed sick……. what a way to finish the weekend 🙁

Last week was mental at work and so all of a sudden it’s the weekend and I haven’t done an update for ages.  The weekend brings with it a range of chores so that’s flown as well. The one good thing is that it’ll be summer before I know it wink

As you know we bought Max a proper bed a couple of weeks ago and we moved into his room today.  After we made it up the first thing he did was jump up and snuggle under the covers!  He was wide awake at the time but at least he recognises what it is, right For his afternoon nap Vic tried to put him in his cot but he just stood there crying and pointing at his new bed smile We put him in it and left him for 15 minutes or so but he wasn’t having any of it so it was back into his cot…… good start though smile

I hope your weekends were good smile

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One Response to “sunday”

  1. Gina says:

    I hope that Vic is feeling better soon.

    And that is a great start. Just keep doing that and he’ll get the hang of it in no time.  Some of the sweetest memories of my kids were going in and peeking in at them jumping on their new toddler bed. Eventually they stopped. LOL