where to start


on January 8, 2005

First of all Happy New Year everyone!  Given what’s going on in Asia I think that we can all be that little bit more thankful as another year comes around.  Talking about the Tsunami I got an email through work saying that if we supplied proof of donation to an aid fund they would match it dollar for dollar to the Red Cross in our home country. Nice one Dell!  Vic and I had just given 100 bucks to the Red Cross so one receipt scan later and they had another 100!  Not quite up to the 10 million USD that Michael Schumacher gave but then I’m on less of a salary wink

In other news I felt the baby move for the first time the night before last!  I have to be really quiet and press quite hard but the feeling was still there! Cool!

It was our four year wedding anniversary last night and we went out on a date to

Istanbul, one of the oldest Turkish eateries in Wellington.  Very nice it was although we spent at least 50% of our time trying out baby names smile

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One Response to “where to start”

  1. Bekah says:

    Good for you and Vic on donating the money. And congratulations on the four-year anniversary! I wish you many, many more wonderful years together.