on March 31, 2005

Because I’m with Max everyday (well almost) I don’t really see him getting any taller in my view.  That was until yesterday…….

Just after we moved into this house Max couldn’t open doors (bliss!) through a mixture of being too short and a lack of motor skills.  This was great of course as we could shut him in a room and there he would stay smile Then things changed and he a) figured out how doorknobs worked and b) could just reach them if he stretched up as high as he could on tippy-toes.

Yesterday Max came into our bedroom in the morning (as he always does) and shut the door behind him (which he’s taken to doing whenever he comes into our room – strange) When he left about 15 minutes later he walked up to the door and opened it easily and walked out.  It wasn’t the fact that he opened it easily that amazed but more the fact that the doorknob was at eye level!

How fast they grow………

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3 Responses to “bigger”

  1. Gina says:

    I remember when we moved into our other house. We could open the freezer onto of the refrigerator and it would go right over Justin’s head. And one day he was standing there. I opened it up and it hit him in the head. That was when I realized just how much he had grown. LOL

  2. guruvious says:

    Stop feeding him now!

    What?…you want a teenager the next time you blink?

  3. GnomeGrrl says:

    Oh, how fast they grow! It won’t be too much longer before you’re looking up at the little darling.