on May 1, 2005

Hi everyone!  I thought I’d log in and give you brief run down of the last few days……..

Vic and Elliot came home on Friday about 20 hours after the birth and got settled in over the next few hours.  Elliot had been very good at the hospital and Vic thought that a feed at about 20:00 would be a good idea as he’d feed and go to sleep and then Vic would be able to get a couple of hours kip before the next feed…… yeah right!  Elliot just wanted to feed and feed and feed until about 01:30 in the morning!  This is normal of course as it’s the constant attempts at feeding that bring milk on but it’s a bloody killer all the same!

We decided that instead of telling people to wait before they came round we’d have “visiting hours” between 15:00 and 17:00 on Sat and Sun which has worked out really well.  Elliot, Max and Vic have all had a sleep between about 12:30 and 14:30 both days and so have been all bright and bushy tailed for our guests smile

Last night followed a different pattern in that Elliot would feed for an hour then sleep for an hour and repeat.  Vic was up about four times during the night and as there was nothing I could do I slept so that I had the energy to look after Max during the day.  This has worked out well and allowed Vic to sleep for about 3.5 hours during the time that Max was up today.

So the last two days have gone by in a bit of a blur but Elliot seems to be a happy, healthy wee boy (and the Midwife confirmed that today)

Here’s a decent picture of him – does he look familiar! Have a look in the extended text for a picture of Max at a really early age.



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3 Responses to “brief”

  1. Gina says:

    He sure does look like his big brother. He’s beautiful. smile

  2. Bekah says:

    It’s like you just Xeroxed Max and got Elliot! God, he’s beauitful. You must be one proud Daddy.

  3. Angie says:

    Gorgeous wee boys.  That’s a great idea having the “visiting hours”.  My problem would be having family stick to that though so I think we’re better off sticking with “please ring first and make sure it’s convenient”.