easy? yeah right!


on November 4, 2003

I’ve spent most of the day today loading a laptop up with XP pro and then trying to get it to share my internet connection using ICS. It’s supposed to be easy – is it f*ck!!!! If it’s easy then why won’t the bloody thing work?! Oh well I’ll shut down for the night and see how we go in the morning…….

This was a surprise win as a POTD at digitalphotocontest.com today smile


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3 Responses to “easy? yeah right!”

  1. Gina says:

    Hope you get it working!

    And that photo is amazing.

  2. Tom says:

    We had a fun time getting our network up and running at home, too, and ended up having to have my wife’s programmer brother come over and do it.  I’ll have to look at home, but I do remember there being something very confusing about which computer was accessing the internet and which was only accessing the network (but could also access the internet through the other’s connection – see what I mean?) If I can make heads or tails of it I’ll email you the details. 

    The other fun thing about ICS is that it’s very temperamental – half the time Alissa starts her computer and it won’t connect, and for a while, if it did connect the mouse wouldn’t work.  Then it was the sound-card that didn’t work with a connection, but the mouse did.  Now we only face the occasional no-connect.  Fun with Microsoft!

  3. Stu D. says:

    One should always know that a program’s association with Microsoft means that you have to caress it in the exact same way that the programmers intended.  This sometimes means that you need to first think backwards, record that backward thought, then play that recording backwards so that it sounds forwards only with the beginning of each though near the end.  Once that is accomplished, shake vigorously and pull out the hammer and give something a good whack.  If you follow the above steps, you won’t actually get anything done, but you should at least be smiling about the whole thing!