another day

Elliot, News

on October 13, 2006

So It’s two weeks later and not a lot has happened.  My brother and his wife went back to the UK (boo!) and my Mum has just got back from 10 days in Thailand.  The highlight of her trip? Riding an elephant! I am so jealous….

As for us it’s just life as usual with no great stories to tell.  I eventually got around to updating my brother’s tattoo website after a year or so of promising. We have also been given a photo of Elliot that was taken at Freddy’s party mentioned in the last entry.

So cute!  Elliot the rocker smile


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2 Responses to “another day”

  1. Gina says:

    Oh my.. he so cool!!! Heehee! I love this!! 😀

  2. jason says:

    super cool dude…