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on March 18, 2007

Yay – it’s great to be home again!

Let’s see, what went on since we last spoke.  I had a Sunday afternoon drinking in a bar in Palo Alto called Antonio’s Nut House which was full of great people and friendly staff.  The end of the afternoon and the train ride home is slightly blurred but hey, they made me feel welcome smile

Monday to Wednesday was spent training and after the previous week it felt like a part time course with 9 to 5 hours every day!

Wednesday to Friday was spent traveling home and there isn’t really much to say except that was uneventful (which is what you want from air travel right?) I was greeted into Wellington by a great sunrise and the picture below taken through an iced up window on a bumpy flight just doesn’t come anywhere near doing it justice.


It’s been absolutely fantastic to see Vic and the boys after two weeks away and all I’ve done for the two days since getting back is enjoying them as well as I can.  Elliot specially has been very huggy smile

Another couple of things (and because I took pics wink)

Yesterday (St Patrick’s Day) my Dad shaved his head down at his local Irish pub for charity.  He raised almost 600 dollars for Child Cancer and, although it was a bit of a shock, it looks better than the bright green hair that he had dyed especially for the occasion!


And today we went and visited my Mum and left the boys with her for a couple of hours while Vic and I went shopping.  After the visit Max bought a Monarch caterpillar home to put on our swan plant.  He named him/her/it “Mr Softy” because he feels all soft when you touch him……


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2 Responses to “home again”

  1. Gina says:

    Welcome home!!

    LOVE the sunset photo. WOW!  And wtg to your Dad! What a fantastic thing to do!

  2. jason says:

    bet ur glad 2 be home after a busy week in u.s…shame about the iced up window and bumpy plane with sunset shot…could have bin so much better!!!  what a wanker! thats a fantastic photo mate! I want a copy!!!!