random thoughts on a saturday night


on January 19, 2003

? Max has returned to and surpassed his birth weight. He now weighs a grand 7lb 12oz (3.520kg) The midwife was very happy with this as it usually takes 10-14 days to get back to birth weight after the initial weight loss and he’s only 5 days old.

? I’ve been thinking about my role in Max’s early days. Because Vic is breast feeding (and very well – see above smile) she has to be involved every time Max needs feeding. I usually get Max when he cries and change him before we put him down and most of my time is spent getting things for Vic when she is feeding and doing most of the stuff around the house to make sure it runs OK. I kind of see myself as the support crew for the feeding machine that is Vic. It’s a difficult feeling to explain – at times I feel that I’m not doing enough but then Vic says that the stuff that I do is really appreciated as it allows her to concentrate on feeding and resting. A confusing time……

? Max is very, very cute when he gets the hiccups smile He also has a new record in the category “projectile shitting with his nappy/diaper off” – 30 inches! Well done that little man.

? Sorry Grandparents, no new pictures. The house has been full of visitors today and with looking after them and Max it’s been a very busy day! Like the party animals that we are we were in bed at 19:30 tonight and then up at 21:15 for Max’s next feed…….. Saturday night in the Cramer household! lol! 

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One Response to “random thoughts on a saturday night”

  1. Gina says:

    “projectile shitting with his nappy/diaper off” LOL!  I remember those days. LOL!