on July 18, 2003

It’s been a while since the last update and not a lot has happened.  Here’s the few things that have…..

? Max is starting to support himself really well when sitting up now.  It’s amazing how things can change over three or four days. At the beginning of the week he would last about 5 seconds before toppling over – now he sits quite happily for minutes at a time and can recover from minor off-centre incidents smile

? The weirdest thing happened while I was driving along today. A small dog (maybe a Terrier of some sort) walked up to a crossing some distance in front of me and paused to look my way. When he saw that there was quite a distance he started to walk across. When he got to the island in the middle of the road he paused again, a car stopped for him and he crossed the second side of the street! Cool dog wink

? Try going to Google – type in “weapons of mass destruction” and hit the “I’m feeling lucky button” Take my word for it, it’s worth it smile)

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One Response to “random”

  1. Divina says:

    When babies start to sit up, they remind me of those old toys called “Weeble Wobbles” 😀

    And our old neighbor had a dog like that. It was like it just <i>knew</i>!