ahoy there

Elliot, Max

on February 16, 2006

Not much to say except that the boys are growing up fast.  Vic walked in on Elliot today half standing up in his cot and we have since dropped the level of his mattress down…. smile Did I mention that he’s been crawling for about two weeks now?  We keep finding him in all sorts of interesting places that are much further away than we would have considered possible!

He’s also just moved into his big boy, forward facing car seat – and Max has moved into a booster seat that just uses a normal seatbelt.


On another note Max’s playgroup bought a pirate outfit today and Max just had to try it on smile


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One Response to “ahoy there”

  1. Gina says:

    Oh my gosh.. Elliot isn’t a baby anymore!!! He’s so sweet.

    And Max makes a great pirate! Cute as ever!