Where to start?

The last week has been mental and hence the lack of updates.  The strange thing is we didn’t seem to do anything out of the ordinary but the week just seemed to get away from me!

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in Christchurch on business and the work from that flowed over into Thursday.  On top of that my new PC was waiting for me in the hallway when I got home but that had to wait until the next day (I know!) Since then I’ve been slowly getting it set up the way I like (hey, it’s not all that easy to get 1920×1200 desktop wallpaper!) and so know the PC that sounded like a jet has been switched off – yay!

And tonight we are filling out our census forms so that’s been fun………

The kids are fine so there’s no real news there.  Elliot is getting more and more mobile and has started to let go of the furniture that he’s holding on to.  It’s the standard fare with him all of a sudden becoming aware of what he’s doing and then collapsing to the floor – all very funny.

Oh and if Martin reads this I have got your email and will, eventually get around to replying – honest.


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