That’s it – we are going to have to get Max a baby toothbrush!  So far we have been cleaning his teeth with baby toothpaste and a small muslin.  This has been fine so far and he really likes to suck the cloth afterwards and rinse any leftover t’paste off his teeth.  The problem is he seems to really like the taste of the toothpaste and has started chomping down on my finger and it bloody hurts! The wee man has jaws like a croc and teeth like a shark 🙁

He also had his first commercially prepared baby food yesterday. He’s had things like egg custard and baby rice but this was his first “meal” – Watties Pumpkin, Potato and Beef.  Vic’s been really good so far and has made all his meals but, frankly, was running out of ideas smile I think that for a while Max will have 2 homemade meals and maybe one prepared one per day. At least we can give him a good range of tastes and textures.

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