feeling chipper


on January 16, 2004

Max now has his first molar! Yep, it came though yesterday (still no sight of #8 front tooth though) Having an extra tooth might make up for the one he just took a great chip out of!  He has always liked to play with my maglight and today decided to smash it into his face whilst standing up!  He chipped off about 1/8th of one of his middle top teeth the silly eejit! and know looks even more dentally out of balance – lol!

Other Max related points:

? In the last few weeks he’s started to show affection (awww) He’ll come up to you and lay his head on your leg (or chest if you’re lying down) and just hold it there for a while.  It really is very sweet and makes me go all gooey smile

? He’s also started to look at you between his legs when he’s standing up! He’ll bend over and either put his hands on the floor and look at you between his legs or just put the top of his head on the floor and peek through smile It looks so funny!

That’s about it for now.

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One Response to “feeling chipper”

  1. Gina says:

    Cutie patootey smile