I was on my way to the supermarket yesterday and there was a truck belonging to the National Blood Service in the mall carpark.  I hadn’t given blood since moving to the UK and had been thinking about it over the last few days so the appearance of this mobile donation unit was weirdly appropriate.  It’s been over four years since I gave blood (28th January 1998 to be exact) and it felt good to give again smile I think it was my Mother who instilled the feeling of civic duty that comes with giving blood – I have been giving since I was 17 and gave blood 37 times in NZ.  My mother never had particularly good veins and would come back from donating with bruises where they had been digging around looking for a decent one.  In the end they told her not to put herself through it any more.  Personally I must have great veins – I have little scars in the inside of my left elbow where they put the needle every time! and the fastest I have filled a pint bag is three and a half minutes.

While I was lying there I was also thinking about organ donation. I have been a donor as long as I can remember and was trying to figure out what reasons people would have for NOT being a donor.  My first though was maybe they refuse on religious grounds.  But if the body is but a shell for the soul and the soul departs after death then what’s the problem?  Me, I just think you die and that’s it so for me they can have whatever they want.  I’m not particularly charitable in life so the least I can do is help someone out in death……..

Does anyone have any thoughts on this either for or against organ donation?  I’d really like to know what the 3 people that visit this site think on this matter smile

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8 Replies to “blood”

  1. well i’m not an organ donor – when I got my licence at 16 i could have cared less – i just wanted my danged licence now and to get out of the dang dmv LOL! I’ve just never bothered to change it. I don’t really know if i’m going to change it either – they wouldn’t use me with my condition most likely anyway. So I guess i’ll stay me – the non organ donor brat that I am smile LOL

  2. I’m an organ donor, and I have been since I got my license when I turned 16. I always will be, too. If I die and I have useable parts that will help someone, I’m more than willing to help them out. There’s no reason *not* to.

    I don’t, however, give blood. The main reason is that I *can’t*…I’m a vegetarian and I don’t get enough protein supplements so I’m anemic. They don’t want my blood. ::sigh::

  3. I’m listed as an organ donor, and my family is aware of this decision – and I’ve asked them to honor it.  I don’t have any religious problems with least insofar as I know, the Catholic church doesn’t prohibit it.

    I don’t give blood often, for the same reason as your mother—they have a really hard time finding a good vein.

  4. Four people! Who knew wink

    Thanks all – it’s interesting to hear other people’s views on this.  I don’t hold anything against people that don’t want to be donors – the choice is entirely personal.  I had one friend that didn’t want to be a donor because the idea made her feel “icky” smile

  5. It’s not because I think it’s “icky” at all.  I think it’s wonderful that people will give their blood.  I just can’t.  I have an intense fear of needles.  I relive bad moments I had with needles when I had pneumonia as a teen.  Holy mother of God, it makes my spine shrivel up into a little quivering ball of jelly just thinking about it.

  6. Tom – bad childhood experiences are always very strong and valid reasons to do/not do things!  They leave extremely powerful impressions that often last for life!

  7. “Mum” here! What a lot of comments this one generated!! I agree that everyone has their own views, and valid medical reasons, but as far as the blood thing goes.. most people are scared of needles but you’d be quick enough to have one shoved in your arm if you needed someone else’s blood to save your life wouldn’t you? Think about that folks! 🙁

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