birthday boy

Yep, I’m 36 today smile Thanks to Mum, Jay and Larry and Dad for remembering and calling from the other side of the world.


And this is what I looked like all those years ago!

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7 Replies to “birthday boy”

  1. Thanks everybody :vbg:

    Bekah – …and you were in tune!

    Kiffin – yes, many years have passed but I’m still just as happy.

    Gina – not so late wink

  2. So I know I’ve already commented, but I just have to say that I absolutely love this baby picture of you. My goodness, you were so adorable! Just a happy, bubbly little baby. Your facial expression here is priceless. How cute!

  3. Thanks Bekah – I must admit that two things came to mind with this:

    1) I look like a frog with those long skinny legs (no change there!)

    2) I wonder what was going through my mind?  I do look very happy don’t I?  smile

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