I had my first session as a “wedding photographer” in the weekend!  A friend of mine from photography club asked me to be his photographer for their registry office wedding and eventually talked me into it.

Talk about nervous!

We decided on using my Canon EOS D30 digital for the inside ceremony and then my Bronica ETRSi medium format kit for the shots outside (group and couple)

I had to borrow his high end flash for the inside stuff and as I had never really done any flash work I wasn’t very happy with the outcome.  Vic liked them and Nic said that they were OK but even so – your big day and the photographer is disappointed!

I had taken the medium format stuff into the lab I use as soon as I’d finished and got them back today.  I had shot a roll of Kodak Porta400NC and a roll of B&W Kodak T-MAX400 (both 120 rolls with 15 6×45 shots per roll)

Luckily the film stuff was really nice – in my opinion anyway…….. so I felt a LOT better and very relieved.  Nic and I had a coffee this lunchtime and he seems pretty happy with these ones :vbg:

Funny how the shots with the really basic camera equipment and a handheld light meter turned out much nicer than top(ish) of the line SLR…. Mind you I’ve never liked flash photography – give me a slightly overcast day with nice diffuse lighting any day smile

Although I wasn’t paid for this and Nic and Adele are having a “proper” wedding in South Africa next year I was still pretty stressed out by the whole experience.  I have always said that I would never be a wedding photographer and this really just confirmed that fact!  Maybe it just a lack of practice/belief in what small amount of ability I have but whatever it is I’m not doing it again!


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