so sleepy


on August 14, 2002

Angus’ party was a hoot on Saturday night.  The evening started with dinner at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen. GBK was started by a kiwi bloke about a year back and, although not as good as the burgers from Gourmet Burgers at The Basin Reserve in Wellington, the burgers are pretty good.  For a taste sensation (and no friends) try their garlic mayo smile

Off to the party at about 22:00 and we were greeted by loads of extremely toned male bodies in sarongs (beach theme) I wasn’t the oldest there (that’s right, David was at the party;)) and there were a couple of people FOB (fresh off the boat) from NZ.  It’s always interesting how people react to being in the UK.  For most the fact of not working, having a bit of money and having relatively easy access to drugs makes the first couple of months pass in somewhat of a blur :zoink

David and I had to leave just after midnight so we could get the last tube home and in doing so gave up our seats in Fi’s car so that our wives could get a ride home instead of catching public transport at night……… such nice boys wink:  (we had a call from Angus at about 7pm on Sunday evening and he was still going strong!)

Bed at 01:30 awake at 07:00 (I have no idea why) and Sunday was basically spent chilling out and preparing for the week ahead.

PS: Before the rugby on Saturday Vic and I had been to the Kiwi Fruits Shop and bought Burger Rings, Tangy fruits, Jet Planes and L&P – YUM!  Most readers will have no idea what these are – they’re sweets and other party foods from NZ.  Just what you need when watching the AB’s smile Quite expensive though – 2 large packets of Burger rings, 1 pkt Jet Planes, 1 pkt Tangy Fruits and 2 cans of L&P cost 9.70GBP/15USD/32NZD


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