max’s sayings


on May 18, 2005

Max has some quite cute sayings at the moment (at least to me) These include:

  • mummy bubba yummy milky nipple
  • bubba out mummy tummy
  • bubba stinky yellow poo
  • daddy bikkie all go away
  • uh oh me
  • me daddy little camera (digicam vs “me daddy big camera” – digital slr)
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    3 Responses to “max’s sayings”

    1. Bekah says:

      Is he calling Elliot “bubba”?

    2. Marc says:

      yeah – more like “the bubba” (slang for baby over here) not “‘bubba – that huge bloke with the biceps…….”

    3. Bekah says:

      Here in the south, “Bubba” is a redneck nickname. LOL, not necessarily meaning huge biceps, but always implying a big fat beer belly.