email/phone post

on October 17, 2007

Why do I always sleep so badly when I go away? And because I’m away a
lot it kinda sucks big time 🙂

It’s 05:20 in the morning on the second day of my extended away’ness and
here I am surfing the web ‘cos I’m wide awake 🙁 I got to bed about
11:00 last night after dropping some colleagues of at a strip club in
Auckland and Vic sounded quite surprised that I didn’t join them when I
called her on the way back to the hotel 🙂
Now don’t get me wrong, I love a pretty naked woman as much as they
next guy (or girl) but previous history shows that strip clubs just
depress me. I think it’s the sheer look of boredom that most of the
strippers have when they are performing that does my head in. Nudity
should be all about fun dammit! 😉
Ahhh bugger it, I’m back off to bed with my ipod to see if I can get
another hour or so.

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